tfmengineeringlogoTFM Engineering are based in the Lake District and manufacture trailers and accessories for the agricultural and groundcare industries. Their products are handbuilt by experienced craftsmen and are designed and built to a high standard to withstand the rigours of the farming, forestry and groundcare environments.

Trailers and equipment are built to last using high quality materials combining strength and value for money.

TFM Engineering has a large range of high quality well made Agricultural trailers which over the years have proved to be extremely durable for the farming community.

For more information on the individual trailers please click on the image to link to the TFM Engineering website

tf312homeTF312 ATV Trailer

tf316bhomeTF316 Budget ATV Trailer

dumphomeTF317 ATV Trailer

tf313homeTF313 ATV Trailer

tf316homeTF316 ATV Trailer

tf604homeTF604 ATV Trailer

tf314homeTF314 ATV Trailer

hillhomeHill Trailer

tf604doubleTF604 with double axle